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BA School of Business and Finance provides full cycle 14 higher education study programs at all levels – the first level higher education, Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral study programs focusing on the niche of financial education and business management. All study programs have incorporated company traineeship as a compulsory requirement. The study process has gained international dimension. Every year the School receives international students.

Вкратце о Banku Augustskola

BA School of Business and Finance is one of the leading, self financing business schools in Latvia. It was founded in 1992 as Banking College under the Bank of Latvia and in 1997 it was accredited as Higher Educational Institution, today known as BA School of Business and Finance offering studies to 1500 students. In 2012 BA School of Business and Finance is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

  • Bachelor of Finance / BBA International Management
  • BBA Business Administration
  • MBA International Finance and Banking
  • MBA Creative Industries Management
  • MBA in Cybersecurity Management